The 15 best cafés to work in Madrid

The 15 best cafés to work in Madrid

Some of the most creative people in the history of mankind have achieved great things working in a coffee shop. Among the most famous references we have are Pablo Picasso, J.K. Rowling, Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre or Bob Dylan. All of them took advantage of a table in this type of premises to unleash all their creativity.

We have started another year and we are still in the middle of the pandemic. Many of us continue to work remotely or drop into a coworking space from time to time and this situation may be with us for a long time to come. In fact, experts predict that it will become permanent.

In the meantime, the blessed COVID-19 has put us in the difficult position of having to spend a few hours in a closed room full of people drinking coffee. In this context, it is more difficult to enjoy all the ways in which coffee shops can bring out our creativity compared to traditional offices and homes.


"The best cafés to work in Madrid

1. Delic

– – –

  • c/ Costanilla de San Andrés, 14 | 28005, Madrid (metro La Latina)
  • | instagram @delicmadrid
  • telephone: 91 364 54 50
  • opening hours: M-Th from 11h to 2h | F-S from 11h to 2:30h | Sun from 11h to 24h.

Delic - cafeteria to work in Madrid

What can we say about him at this stage!

This well-known establishment, which has been with us for more than 20 years in the 20 years in the capital, offers a whole world of flavours through its many toasts, tartlets, pizzas and salads. Its cosy and peaceful atmosphere, decorated in an eclectic style.Its menu will help you to awaken your wits throughout the day, but don't dream that this will be the case every day. On Fridays and weekends it becomes a very busy place.

Gastronomic recommendationYou can't miss the carrot cake. It always appears in the rankings of the best in the capital.


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2. Pum Pum Café

– – –

  • c/ Tribulete, 6 | 28012, Madrid (metro Lavapiés)
  • | instagram @pumpumcafe
  • opening hours: Mon-Sat from 9am to 7pm

pum pum café - café to work in Madrid

Ideal for enjoying vegetarian dishes and independent working days.

Pum Pum is one of our favourite places to work, especially during lunch. Their milkshakes and their eggs Benedict are outstanding.. However, if you want to enjoy it while you work, it's best to go during the week when it's less crowded.

It is a a nice international corner that brings together locals and visitors from other countries. From the time it opened until the pandemic began, there was never a day when customers were not crowded at the entrance waiting to get in.

Some of the tables are school desks where you can store your documents, notebooks, laptop or whatever else is in the way while you're working on other things or eating. The only downside is that the tables are a bit small for working with other people, but it's a great place if you're going to work independently.

3. The Bicycle

– – –

  • Plaza de San Ildefonso, 9 | 28004, Madrid (metro: Tribunal)
  • | instagram @labicicletacafe
  • telephone: 915 32 97 42
  • opening hours: Mon-Fri from 10h to 24h.

the bicycle - cafeteria to work in Madrid

Ideal for collaborative work, busy work days, food and drink.

La Bicicleta was born in heart of Malasaña and is the Madrid's first cycling café. It is a meeting point for urban cyclists, where you will find services such as a autotaller to repair punctures, put oil in the chains or repair them.

Each of La Bicicleta's spaces has been specially designed to provide comfort and inspiration. Decoration and art are present in every corner of this place where, living up to its name, there are various models of bicycles that give it a unique touch. For this reason, this café workplace can be considered as a an idyllic place and a reference point for all freelancers.

The place offers a specific corner for those who go to work, although perhaps it lacks a bit of light. Their wifi is fast and unlimited for any task. They have a wide variety of food, coffees, beers and cocktails.

It's a very social place, so if you're looking for a place to collaborate with colleagues at any time, this is the place to do it. The atmosphere evolves throughout the day, which prevents the day from becoming monotonous or monotonous. Normally, it is a quiet and productive space for part of the morning and most of the afternoon.. However, as the evening approaches, the place gets livelier and livelier. Therefore, those who don't like to concentrate with a lot of people wandering around will have to be careful.

4. The fugitive

– – –

  • Calle de las Maldonadas, 6 | 28005 Madrid (metro: La Latina)
  • phone: 914 29 06 10
  • opening hours: Mon-Sat from 10am to 9pm

la fugitiva - cafeteria to work in Madrid

We are going to La Latina neighbourhooda place to enjoy the coffee-book tandem.

This oasis, half café, half bookshop, is a comfortable and pleasant place to find concentration. It has wifi and a very, very sweet menuwith homemade cakes and Bethlehem cakes. It has long opening hours, although it is not open on Sundays.

Attention! This is a very active space. It hosts many events events and workshops that could coincide with one of your visits. So, before you go, check their agenda on their Facebook page.

5. Pepe Botella

– – –

  • c/ San Andrés, 12, 28004, Madrid (metro: Tribunal)
  • twitter @cafepepebotella
  • telephone: 915 22 43 09
  • opening hours: Mon-Thurs from 10h to 2h | Fri-Sat from 10h to 2:30h

pepe botella - cafeteria to work in Madrid

This classic in Malasaña , in the Plaza del Dos de Mayo, is not only a delight for coffee growersbut it is also a delight for film-makersThe posters that adorn its walls are a delight for filmmakers, who can enjoy it. Not for nothing did Mateo Gil shoot some scenes for his film Nadie conoce a nadie (Nobody Knows Anybody) there.

Its atmosphere is French, simple and quietThe dim lighting, marble tables and velvet upholstered banquettes make it a place not to be missed. It offers corners to enjoy the intimacy, for groups and for those who go to work or read a good book. Everyone can fit in here. In addition, they serve good breakfasts, but also tapas, which can be a better option in the evenings.

You can also take your dog with you.

6. La Merendona

– – –

  • c/ General Pardiñas, 3 | 28001 Madrid (metro: Prínicpe de Vergara)
  • | instagram @lamerendona
  • phone: 917 64 71 61
  • opening hours: Mon-Fri from 16h to 20:30h | Sat-Sun from 9:30h to 14h and from 16h to 20:30h.

la merendona - cafeteria to work in Madrid

If you need to spend a few hours working in the Salamanca district and you don't want to stop by The Shed Co (you're wrong) because you want to sweeten up your day, we recommend you La Merendona. This quiet place, with an exquisite service, offers the perfect way to sweeten your day. an afternoon of work at any of its tables.

María Paulina Silva and Eduardo Vernier , Colombians who have been living in Spain for 12 years, have brought with them from their home country their delicious coffee and the goodwill that they dedicate to their pastries. Their dream is to bring back the traditional way of making sweets, just as grandmothers used to do, and to create cakes and biscuits that take us back to the best moments of our childhood.

We recommend the orange angel food cakenot to be missed.

7. Infamous Types

– – –

  • c/ San Joaquín, 3 | 28004 Madrid
  • | instagram @tiposinfames
  • phone: 915 22 89 39
  • opening hours: Mon-Sat from 11am to 9pm

infamous guys - cafeteria to work in Madrid

It is a project that arose from the dream of three friends: Alfonso Tordesillas, Gonzalo Queipo and Francisco Llorca, to create a dynamic and open space for culture. Their project seeks redefining the traditional concept of the bookshop to adapt it to the new times, specialising in independent literary narrative.

As happens in La Fugitiva, here you can find books you can work surrounded by books which you can consult or, who knows, end up belonging to your personal library. It offers an extensive menu, with signature wines and craft beersand its wifi is magnificent.

It is a very dynamic space and has different areas in which to develop its activities: bookshop, cafeteria, enoteca, exhibition hall, etc.

8. Café del Art

– – –

  • Plaza de Cascorro, 9 | 28005 Madrid (metro La Latina)
  • | instagram @cafedelart
  • telephone: 915 28 92 11
  • opening hours: Mon-Fri from 9am to 11pm

cafe del art - cafe to work in Madrid

This establishment, located in the La Latina neighbourhood, aims to changing the way we Madrilenians taste coffee.

Every detail is designed to enhance the product, starting with the baristas, who have received specialised training in the different ways of preparing this drink. Among them, the coffee infused by hand using the Japanese immersion method.a high-temperature technique that is made in a siphon.

Be sure to try their Cold Brew Coffee. It is made using a cold brewing technique, with ice water dripping slowly over the freshly ground coffee and gradually washing away its flavours and aromas. To work, the qualified professionals of Café del Art have coffee machines of the highest quality such as La MarzoccoThe coffee machine, considered to be one of the best in the world.

The interior design is impressive, both in terms of architecture and decoration. Every corner and detail has been taken care of to the maximum so that the experience is unique.

The main room consists of a large space with tables of different sizes, as well as sofas and armchairs that invite you to relax. There is another, smaller, interior room, which is called the library because it is full of books. You can use it as a workplace where you can sit at your computer while enjoying an extraordinary coffee..

Undoubtedly, it's a whole world gathered inside a small shop in the centre of Madrid.

9. Federal Café

– – –

  • Plaza de las Comendadoras, 9 | 28015 Madrid (metro: Noviciado)
  • |  instagram @thefederalcafe
  • telephone: 915 32 84 24
  • opening hours: Mon-Sat from 9am to 11pm | Sun from 9am to 5pm

federal cafe - cafeteria to work in Madrid

The Federal Café is an old acquaintance for the inhabitants of Barcelona, but this is a version with a terrace, ideal for the times we live in. Barcelona, Valencia, Girona and Madridbut this one we recommend is a version with a terrace, ideal for the times we live in.

This place is much more than a café. It is a place for you to work, meet your friends, rest, think... while you enjoy the huge variety of food on offer.

It has a floor with a large table to share and individual tables where you can work taking advantage of its wifi free of charge. It has a lower floor whose 50's decoration seems to embrace the traveller. Here, you'll find all kinds of people, from students to readers, people working on their laptops, etc.

Terrace + delicious coffee + homemade pastries = happy work

10. Mandarin China

– – –

  • Plaza de Cascorro, 17 | 28005, Madrid (metro: La Latina)
  •  |  instagram @lachinamandarinamadrid
  • phone: 91 028 25 41
  • opening hours: Mon from 12h to 22h: X-F from 12h to 22h : Sat-Sun from 11h to 23h.

la china mandarina - cafeteria to work in Madrid

La China Mandarina is the typical coffee shop that you are too lazy to leave.. Located in Plaza de Cascorro, its selection of food, cakes, salads and snacks is pleasing to the eye and to the taste buds, and appeals to all kinds of people.

This place is frequented by people who go to work in the morning at the communal table, equipped with multiple power strips so that the laptop battery doesn't leave them stranded, to those who meet at the round tables full of flowers or those who just come to have a drink.

One of the things we like the most about Mandarin China is that there is plenty of light. In addition, it has a elongated central table table for working. The wifi works properly and is totally free.

Oh, I forgot! It's dog friendly.

11. El Bistró at La Central de Callao

– – –

  • c/ Postigo de San Martín, 8 | 28013, Madrid (metro: Callao)
  • |  instagram @lacentraldecallao
  • telephone: 917 90 99 30
  • opening hours: Mon-Sat from 10am to 9pm

el bistro - cafeteria to work in Madrid

La Central de Callao is a bookshop of three floorsdedicated to philosophy, history, social sciences and literature, which occupies the whopping 1,200 square metres.

It has a cocktail bar called El Garito and a charming cafeteria which they call El Bistró. It is a cosy space where you can enjoy a cuisine elaborated with the finest ingredients. fresh and natural products. The establishment has a carefully selected assortment of cakes and pastries to tempt you at breakfast or snack time. At lunchtime it offers the dish of the day or your choice from their well-balanced menu. In addition, every Sunday and public holiday, from 12 noon to 5 p.m., they serve an brunch accompanied by literary cocktails.

The Bistró is one of those magical places with a special atmosphere. It is a café quietwith New York reminiscences, which invites you to sit down, have a coffee, read a book, chat or work for a few hours. It is decorated with warm colours, wood, vegetation and a giant alphabet soup.

When you go to work in a café or want to buy a book, consider El Bistró de La Central: central, quiet and friendly.

12. The Casa Encendida cafeteria

– – –

  • Ronda de Valencia, 1 | 28012, Madrid (metro: Embajadores)
  • telephone: 915 06 21 80
  • opening hours: M-F from 10h to 19:30h

cafeteria casa encendida

La Casa Encendida is located in the Lavapiés neighbourhood. This social and cultural centre was opened in December 2012. However, we're not here to tell you about its activities, but rather about what it hides inside, a must-visit place: its cafeteria.

It is a place with free wifi and jazzmusicIt is the perfect place to create an ideal atmosphere for concentration, if you manage to find a place for yourself at one of the shared tables or on the individual stools in the windows. It has several sockets distributed throughout the room.

The café is managed by Pum Pum Caféwhich we have already told you about. It offers all kinds of salads, sandwiches, brioches, toasts and juices. All of this using local and 100% natural products.

13. Le Cocó

– – –

  • c/ Barbieri, 15 | 28004, Madrid (metro: Chueca)
  • |  instagram @lecocomadrid
  • telephone: 915 21 99 55
  • opening hours: T-Th from 16h to 23h | F-S from 14h to 23h | Sun from 14h to 19h

le coco to work while drinking coffee

In the heart of Chueca we find this very special place, Le Cocó. It is not a French restaurant, although the name is fitting. It is a place of simple stylebut very cosywhere you will feel at home.

As soon as you enter, you'll find a bar full of drinks and a large space that is perfect for lunch, dinner or working in the afternoon with your computer and a coffee. The wifi is one of those that works really well. There is a very varied menuand breakfast and snacks are also available. Any of its corners can be converted into the perfect place to keep you moving forward with your work.

Having breakfast with a coffee and the light coming in from the windows, while you check your email connected to the wifi, is something you have to try.

It's good-looking, cute, affordable and delicious.

14. Take Coffee

– – –

  • c/ Santa Feliciana 5 | 28010, Madrid (metro: Iglesia)
  • |  instagram @tomacafe/
  • telephone: 910 55 98 02
  • opening hours: Mon-Fri from 8am to 9pm | Sat-Sun from 9am to 9pm

toma café madrid

This retro and cosy place, located in the Quevedo neighbourhood, in the heart of Madrid, serves what many consider to be the best espresso in the capital.

You don't need to be an expert to go to Toma Café Olavide. If you ask for a café con leche, they'll make it with the same care and attention as the most pro combination.. Let them advise you. They will guide you according to your tastes so that you can try your new favourite coffee. Taste it while you work and eat some homemade biscuits and you'll never look at café con leche with the same eyes again.

Its large window and its café are the perfect perfect combination when you want a table to work for a few hours.

15. Dot Café Bar

– – –

  • c/ Eugenio Sellés, 6 | 28045, Madrid (metro: Lagazpi)
  • instagram @dotcafebar
  • telephone: 912 12 15 13
  • opening hours: M from 8h to 18h | X-F from 8h to 20h | S-D from 9h to 20h

dot cafe bar - cafeteria to work in Madrid

Very close to Madrid RíoThis place with its large windows will charm you with its decoration, its bikinis and its speciality coffees.

This cafeteria has borrowed its form from its own name. It is not for nothing that the Anglo-Saxon word dot translates as 'dot' which, in this case, corresponds to a round project.

It's a space where you want to extend the time you spend breakfasts. Its aesthetics would dazzle any design lover and it has a simple offerwith the bikinis (traditional mixed sandwiches) are the stars of the menu. It has a large tableThe restaurant has a large table, next to a large window, perfect for sharing while working at the computer, in contrast to the small patterned tables for two, in keeping with the well-studied aesthetics of the premises.

Take a book, a notebook or your computer... and inspiration will come to you.


"Cafeterias: a good place to work?

Research shows that the stimuli in these places make them effective environments for working.. The combination of noise, visual stimuli and diverse people provides just the right amount of distraction to help us be more creative. That's right, ladies and gentlemen! It's not just about the caffeine in the espresso.

A 2012 study published in the Journal of Consumer Research showed that the spark of creativity can ignite in a place like a coffee shop, with a low to moderate ambient noise level. level of low to moderate ambient noise. Environmental stimuli distract from the task at hand, but they can also increase the ability to generate abstract thinking and have more creative ideas.

In 2019, a study on "stochastic resonance". achieved similar findings. This phenomenon, originally observed in animals, demonstrates that the right amount of noise benefits our senses. Moreover, although the level of noise is different for each person, background auditory stimuli help us to improve our decision-making. This is what some call "the cafeteria effect.

In a café we are surrounded by people who have come to do the same thing as us, which acts as a motivating agent. This idea has been backed up by a 2016 study which showed that "doing a task, together with a person who puts a lot of effort into his or her work, will make you do the same"..

Korydon SmithSmith, professor of architecture at the University at Buffalo (New York) co-wrote a recent article on the benefits of working in coffee shops. "People come and go. The light of day changes. The aromas of coffee and food vary. While we tend not to consciously pay attention to these micro-stimuli and probably have not overtly chosen to work in this place because of them, these activities around us stimulate our brains to function differently than they do at home.".

cafeterias for work

"Business meetings in cafeterias

We are aware that there is an implicit formality in meeting on platforms such as Zoom. Conversely, there is a sense of air of informality when we meet in a bar or café. Experts say that these environments can benefit teams, both for exchanging ideas and for WORK TEAMSWe are aware that there is an implicit formality to meeting on platforms such as Zoom, in contrast, there is a perceived sense of formality when we meet in a bar or café.


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Right now, with COVID-19 still present in many autonomous communities, we are several months away from being able to work in a cafeteria or even in a proper meeting room in Madrid. Although working from home is still a long-term option, the benefits of moving a few hours to a coffee shop are too good to pass up. And maybe the coffee is better too.

A word of warning: not all public spaces are suitable for a day's work. The difference between a café and a bar is in the level of ambient noise.. Many bars have background music or TV sports, which do not promote small group conversation, so the sound threshold is raised above what we believe to be beneficial.

For this reason, we have chosen spaces in Madrid that we consider to be ideal for a few hours of work.

Coffee shops are great options to work and get out of the house. From ShedCo we also recommend you shared spaces to work in Madrid. They are undoubtedly a great option to concentrate, feel in a work environment and meet people from your sector or others.