Working in coffee shops vs. coworking facilities

Working in coffee shops vs. coworking facilities

Today, coworking spaces are enjoying great popularity and are becoming more and more common in cities, offering unbeatable (and affordable) facilities in a motivating environment. They are particularly valued if they are located in an elegant environment and the facilities are of the highest standard. Especially if they have an excellent Internet connection, well-equipped conference rooms and relaxation areas where you can socialize with colleagues.


Other common places to work are coffee shops. Many remote workers and freelancers go there to have their daily dose of coffee and carry out their professional duties. But why are they so attractive? The answers are varied, but the main reason is that they are very accessible in Madrid - there is a coffee shop on every corner!

Another reason reasons for its success is that these premises tend to have an informal atmosphere, which makes them especially favorable for those who work best when there is noise around them. This type of professional is favored by what is known as the "cafeteria effect". That is, the phenomenon whereby instrumental music and some background sounds, at appropriate volumes, stimulate the brain's sensory signals and improve mood, visual perception and decision making.

The "cafeteria effect

However, not all advantages. Cafés are premises normally designed for leisure and may not be equipped with the necessary spaces and tools to work in the most comfortable way. In addition, they need to have a constant flow of customers in order to be profitable.

These are some of the pros and cons of going to a coworking space or your favorite coffee shop. If you still have doubts, we analyze some more factors:

"Costs and safety

Of course, renting a coworking space coworking could be out of budget depending on the location and the amenities offered, but in many cases it will be money well spent. Keep in mind that a coworking space is much more than just a place to work and that the final price includes extras that can make life much easier for the professional.

One of the main factors in their favor is the security. In most of these spaces, the place is usually perfectly cared for and supervised by those in charge. In addition, there are usually measures in place to ensure the protection of the office and its users, such as security cameras and security lockers, where customers can leave their belongings under lock and key. lockers or drawerswhere customers can leave their belongings under lock and key.

In a coworking you have the option to have an assigned seat.

For those who have a fixed workstation, the coworking offers the option to leave in the workstation, as well as the rest of the belongings, on an ongoing basis. the computer and the screenand the rest of the belongings, on a continuous basis. In this way, the person will be able to leave his things quietly to go out for a coffee, eat or go to the bathroom, without any kind of impediment.

In addition to security measures, these spaces are accessible 24 hours a day, all week long. Other benefits include access to printers, meeting room rentals based on your needs, and networking events where users have the opportunity to establish contacts.

In the case of cafeterias, these seem, at first glance, to be a cheaper option, but when you go for the third drink, the costs add up and it can end up being very expensive.

It is true that having a cup of coffee in a place of your choice every day is a pleasure, but these businesses cannot guarantee that the table of your choice will be free every day.

In addition, when it comes to meeting with a client or video conferencing, the same atmosphere that we love to work in may not be the most ideal for making that Zoom call.


Have you done the math on how much it costs you for coffee and sandwiches per week? Maybe a coworking offers you much more for less. Find out!


"Availability of seats

In a coworking is easy finding the right positionwhether flexible or permanent. In addition, more people can be invited as guests to work on the same project.

In a coffee shop, it is more than likely that the best seats will not be available since there is no obligation to reserve a table. It also has time constraints because it has fixed hours, making it feasible to work in it only when it is open. In these cases, it is difficult to accommodate larger groups on a regular basis, making it difficult to collaborate with others.

In a coworking facility it is easy to find the right position


Most coworking spaces are equipped with meeting rooms perfectly designed and offer coffee and tea, all day long. In addition, the internet connection is very reliable and of high quality. Unlimited wifi on as many devices as the client wants is usually included in the rate, with fiber optic cable for the desktop computer.

Like additional advantageIf one day the connection breaks down, you don't have to worry about calling the technician and fighting with him to come and fix it. A coworking manager will do it for you.

Wi-Fi cafes can lose their charm over time as many people use the same connection at the same time and for different purposes, which often leads to speed and accessibility issues.


Coworking spaces may be crowded, but unlike other public spaces, here people are working. If it is necessary to talk about more sensitive issues, which require some privacy, there are meeting rooms where you can have these types of conversations without being overheard.

In cafeterias, distractions abound: conversations, orders, ringing phones and music that may not be at the appropriate volume. As a result, it is not uncommon to inadvertently overhear a conversation at the next table and lose track of work. In such an environment, noise can be very annoying during important phone calls and create situations of miscommunication and frustration.

In the cafeterias, distractions abound


In a coworking, people really work. However, you can also have a coffee with the rest of the users and have real and productive conversations, from which you can often obtain synergies and new projects.

These spaces are known for offer your customers events as informal meetings, book signings, talks and even breakfasts and lunches, where networking can take place. By exchanging ideas with new people in these settings, it is very easy to broaden one's perspective and gain useful information for career plans.

Event for The Shed Coworking Community

Event for The Shed Coworking Community

However, coffee shops are not usually conducive to this type of relationship, since socializing in these places does not necessarily involve sharing business knowledge. Clearly, new customers are coming into these places every day, which is a new opportunity to meet people, but of course... Didn't you go to work?

Of course, you are sure to establish excellent relations with the baristas, although the owner may not be so welcoming when he sees that he has a customer who has been waiting for six hours for a sad coffee.

"The verdict

In the end, choosing between coffee shops and coworking spaces will ultimately depend on the work of each person and the needs of the moment.

If you plan to execute creative tasks, which demand a lot of concentration, it is better to work in a coworking space. To try it out, you can get a day pass at a nearby shared space and you will have access to many advantages that coffee shops won't be able to offer you, with the added benefit of free coffee!