Team building activities in Madrid and the ten best companies to carry them out

Team building activities in Madrid and the ten best companies to carry them out

As has become a tradition in this house, first we are going to delve a little into the meaning of the team building concept and the advantages it offers to company groups. Then, we will offer you a list of the best activities and companies dedicated to team building in Madrid.


"What is Team Building?

The term team building is not new. Its origin goes back to the beginning of the 20th century when Dr. William McDougall, a famous British psychologist, wrote several influential textbooks and became a reference in the field of social psychology. Dr. William McDougallThe famous British psychologist Dr. William McDougall wrote several influential textbooks and became an important reference in the field of social psychology. theory of instincts and social psychology.

What interests us is that, in the early 1920s, McDougall published The group mind. In this book, he stressed the importance of team building and described the conditions considered necessary to create a cohesive work group.

the group mind

Between 1927 and 1932, he Professor Elton Mayo studied the relationship between productivity and working conditions at the Western Electric Hawthorne in Chicago. This experiment, known as the Hawthorne EffectThis experiment, known as the Hawthorne Effect, took into account physical and environmental conditions, such as humidity or lighting, and psychological factors such as working hours, the role of the leader in relation to the group or the attitude of the employees.

One of the main findings of the study indicated that building a sense of group identity and cohesion among staff members directly affected company productivity.. In addition, it was shown that workers valued aspects such as safety, recognition of their work and sense of belonging more highly than the physical conditions of the workplace.

William McDougall and Elton Mayo anticipated what years later would become team building as we understand it today. In the following decades, many organisations began to introduce the first notions of this concept in their companies, which led to the implementation of team building activities. dynamics, events and sessionsThe basis of these activities is the same as the activities we can recognise in companies today.

" Team Building in Madrid

In the early 2000s, team building in Madrid burst onto the scene in companies. These were years of economic boom and companies were willing to invest in any activity that would allow them to improve productivity, training and talent retention.

In the crisis years, especially between 2008 y 2009the sector came to a virtual standstill. When the economy started to pick up again, Human Resources departments came to the rescue. Since then, team building activities have been firmly established in Madrid's business ecosystem, until the emergence of COVID-19. We hope that this type of activity will come back with a vengeance when we get rid of the blissful illness.

Let's get down to business, are you thinking of organising team building activities in Madrid?

If there is one city in Spain that is especially suited to hosting events, it is Madrid. The capital can host from large congresses to smaller meetings in charming venues. Not in vain, it has a social and cultural agenda full of possibilities that can become our ally when it comes to making the most of its celebrations in favour of our event.

Team building activities should not be seen as a form of leisure or a series of games. It is a way of helping a company's employees to enhance their team spirit, strengthen their relationships, and build their confidence and group cohesion.. The aim: achieve better performance and improve the working environment.

"Factors to take into account when organising a team buildingevent

These are the questions we need to ask ourselves in order to choose the most appropriate activity and the best place to carry it out.

1. Indoor o Outdoor: indoor versus outdoor

– – –

Team building can be organised indoors or outdoors, although we must take into account the peculiarities and advantages of each option. The choice will depend on the objectives we are aiming for and on factors such as whether an indoor or outdoor activity is preferable or the level of relationship we have with sport and/or nature.

Then we have to ask ourselves when we want to organise the team building activity. The winter in Madrid is cold so, to avoid the low temperatures, the tendency is to go indoors(indoor activities).

In spring, summer and autumn, if we can and have time to travel, the ideal is to look for open spaces. It is always nice to get out of the office and do activities outside. If possible, it is better to be outdoors than to stay in a hotel room or in the company itself.

2. Number of persons and profile of the group

– – –

When looking for the right facilities, you need to know how many people will attend the activity in Madrid and what are the characteristics of the group.

What kind of team building experience are we looking for and what do we expect to get out of it? The answer will be determined by the activities the group has done in the past. These can be musical, artistic, motoring, purely sporting, etc.

What is the profile of the participants in the activity? Are they young people who want something very active or older people who are looking for something less dynamic? Consider the physical condition of the group members or whether anyone is more limited in their ability to do the activity. The more we think about these issues, the more likely it is that the day will be a success.

3. Duration

– – –

Team building activities are usually part of a more complex series of meetings and presentations. agenda more complex meetings and presentations. In these cases, it is important to know the time that can be devoted to the activity without altering the work plan.

4. Budget

– – –

In Madrid there are specialised venues with activities that range from simplicity to luxury, with all kinds of catering, audiovisuals, gifts, animations, masters of ceremonies, souvenir videos, etc. additional services: catering, audiovisuals, gifts, animations, masters of ceremonies, souvenir videos, etc.

5. Internal communication

– – –

The internal communication strategy is essential before, during and after the event. It is necessary to create expectations among the employees, nurture the enthusiasm for the activity and never disappoint them..

In the event that the company cannot allocate time and personnel resources to organise the team building, it is advisable to subcontract the planning and development of the activity. In this case, it is advisable to turn to an agency expert in training programmes, with the necessary experience and know-how to make the day a success. A distinction must be made between leisure companies and solid coaching companies, specialised in training, with accredited personnel.

"Places to hold a Team Building in Madrid

These are some of the best places for team building activities in Madrid:

1. Hotels

– – –

AC Hotel Cuzco, Eurostars Madrid Tower, Marriot Madrid Auditorium, The Westin Palace, Only YOU Hotels and Hyatt Centric Gran Vía.

2. Conference centres and other large venues

– – –

MEEU, Feria de Madrid IFEMA, Cines Cinesa Cinemas, Teatro Goya Multiespacio Madrid, Wanda Metropolitano, Palacio de Santoña, Wizink Center Madrid, Matadero Madrid, RACC Madrid, Santiago Bernabéu Stadium and the Palacio de Congresos.

places for team building madrid

3. Original spaces

– – –

Espacio Bogarti, Espacio Cromátika, Museo del Traje, Colegio de Arquitectos de Madrid (COAM), V de Vegas, Espacio La Grada, Espacio Harley, Matadero Madrid and Espacio Cómo.

4. Stately buildings

– – –

Casa de Velázquez, Palacete de los Duques de Pastrana, Fundación Real Fábrica de Tapices, Fundación Carlos de Amberes and Círculo de Bellas Artes.

5. Sports buildings

– – –

Canal Golf Course, Carlos Sainz Karting Madrid, Hipódromo de la Zarzuela and Circuito del Jarama- RACE.

6. Venues around Madrid

– – –

El Molino Amarillo, La Campana, Madrid Snowzone, Soto de Cerrolén, Finca Najaraya, Casino Gran Madrid, La Sede, Euroforum, Centro de Congresos Príncipe Felipe and Mirador de la Moraleja.

najayara team building

"Types of Team Building activities that we can carry out

  • Sporting events: to excel through sport by putting physical skills to the test.
  • Gastronomic events: become real chefs or judges at a variety of tastings in Madrid to enhance teamwork.
  • Technology events: build a robot or play games based on artificial intelligence.
  • Musical events: do very creative and fun activities that will help to exercise body and mind.
  • Cultural events: enjoy a good opportunity for entertainment and education that will show us Madrid from another point of view.
  • Urban gymkhanas: overcoming great challenges in teams that will allow us to maintain a healthy company competition as well as greater group cohesion.
  • Artistic events:explore creativity and stimulate listening, speaking and concentration while strengthening active team collaboration.
  • Motorised events: for fans of adrenaline and adventure.
  • Business simulation events: Do you want to feel like your boss or be your own boss for a day?
  • Construction games: to test and develop personal and group self-improvement skills.
  • Corporate social responsibility events: activities to learn, experience and inspire us in our work.
  • Events for a balanced life: Nothing better than relaxation therapies and/or a laughter therapy session to release stress.

"Top ten Team Building companies in Madrid

1. Kleem Events

– – –

kleem team building events

It is a company located in Madrid specialised in activities for companies, group dynamics, conventions, product presentations, coaching and motivation. One of its attractions is the organisation of personalised corporate activities.

They manage important aspects such as the organisation of personnel, spaces, merchandising production, image, 100% coverage, catering, event creativity, photocalls, hostess services, presenters, artists, musical groups, performances, meals, etc. corporate100% coverage, catering, creativities for events, photocall, hostess service, presenters, artists, musical groups, performances, meals, etc.

We highlight the activities of Brain Building, Masterchef or their corporate dances. Companies such as Adecco, Barceló, IKEA, El Corte Inglés or Kia Motors Iberia endorse the quality of its services.

Web: kleemeventos.com

2. Best Day Events

– – –

BestDayEvents team bulding

The ten years that have been in the sector helping more than 700 companies the professionalism of Best Day Eventos. The key to its success revolves around the 4C's method: collaboration, trust, communication and coordination. Moreover, if the company is not satisfied with the activity, they refund the money.

This company has successfully incorporated the technology in team building. Its activities are self-produced, which means speed and agility in communications, adaptation and personalisation of activities and competitive prices. Among the most outstanding are technology workshopsThe Clive TV shows, the TV quizzes or virtual reality challenges.

Sony, Philips, Pfizer, Lilly and BBVA are among the company's clients.

Web: bestdayeventos.com

3. Yumanyi

– – –

yumanyi team building events

It is a very powerful events agency that works nationally and internationally and personalises activities, adapting to the needs of each client. It has properties in San Sebastián de los Reyes, Collado Villalba, El Escorial and Tarancón..

Competitions with racing cars, research with CSI Minority Report racing cars, research with CSI Minority Report, laughter therapy, batucada workshops, and batucada workshops, the construction of cardboard cars or the Hollywood Star Hollywood films are just a few examples of the company are just a few examples of their corporate activities.

Clients such as McDonald's, BBVA, Mazda, Telefónica or Adecco have already tested their services.

Web: yumanyi.es

4. Team Building Go!

– – –

teambuilding go madrid

This company from Madrid has reinvented itself due to the pandemic and, although it continues to offer its activities in person, it has launched a very wide catalogue of online team building activities and escape rooms. online team building activities. In it, you will find challenges and escape rooms different types of activities: from giving a gift or a surprise challenge to your group to learning something new in a corporate workshop. In all of them, you can choose the language.

From its catalogue, with more than 150 activitieswe would like to highlight, team building with drones, dance workshop, Become Millionaire or Lego Block City..

Among its clients are: Indra, Mapfre, IE and AXA..

Web: teambuildinggo.co.uk

Kaizen Team Building

– – –

kaizen team building

It is a well-established company in our country with more than 15 years of experience. It has psychologists and professional sportsmen and women that serve as a guide in most of the activities. Large companies such as Zara Samsung o Siemens have passed through their hands with excellent results.

      As a unique novelty in Europe, they have the construction of a Viking ship 14 metres long and 6 metres high.

Other activities:

  • Paella competitionsPaella competitions have become a classic.
  • Haka Team BuildingThe dance made fashionable by the New Zealand rugby team.
  • The Butterfly EffectThe Butterfly Effect: the objective is to design a gadget that performs a very simple task through a complex design. In this activity, teams compete to be not only the most creative, but also the most efficient.

Web: kaizenteambuilding.es

6. Amazonia Team Factory

– – –

amazonia team factory

Amazonia specialises in events where nature and the environment are the protagonists. This company has created its own methodology TEAM EVENT©, a unique outdoor method designed to help teams, in a sporting environment and healthy competition, to build a space of cohesion and union.

The company organises company activities, such as gymkhanas and gamesgames, aimed at solving problems in a fun way. If you want to approach your team building programme in a different way with an outdoor activity, Amazonia Team Factory can offer you what you are looking for.

Its clients include, Repsol, Volvo, SEUR, Coca-Cola and L'Oréal.

Web: amazonia-teamfactory.com

7. The X-Door Madrid

– – –

the xdoor madrid

We have a space located in the same street as the Gran Vía. Gran Vía of Madrid. It consists of a live escape game lasting 60 minutes that is having very good results as a team building activity team building in Madrid.

To escape from the room, Participants will have to use their creativity, imagination and observation skills to the maximum, but above all they will have to work together, demonstrating their ability to organise and communicate as a group. They currently have four activity rooms and another special game for companies and large groups called Revenge.

Leroy Merlin, Vodafone y Philips have relied on their services.

Web: thexdoormadrid.com/portada/

8. Bubble Crash

– – –

bubble crash madrid

Bubble Crash was born in Madrid with the illusion of promoting an original and fun sport, Bubble Soccer (also known as Bubble Soccer, Bubble Football or Bubble Football). This game is causing a furore in Northern Europe (it was born in Norway) and in the United States where there are professional leagues. Here the question is, do you like to flip, fly and jump without taking the slightest risk?

The company focuses on team building activities for companies where the focus is on coaching. To do this, they carry out dynamics aimed at detecting roles.

Companies such as Ogilvy & Mather, Santillana, Cheil or Decathlon have gone through their experiences.

Web: bubblecrash.co.uk

9. Smarty Events

– – –

smarty events

It is an event agency in Madrid that creates unique and original experiences with the latest advances in learning methods such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, drones, etc. learning by doing and emerging technologies such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, drones, etc.

They have professionals and experts of recognised prestige in the market. In their catalogue we find activities as diverse as 'Build your own robot' or SpeedGate, a sport created from artificial intelligence.

Its clients are very diverse: Airbus, Ikea, Mahou, Oracle, Mars, Inditex, DHL...

Web: smartyeventos.es

10. Exploremore

– – –

exploramás team building madrid

Under the slogan, "Madrid, the legacy of a country".this company offers an extensive catalogue of activities.

The company has created the Project Commitmentprogramme, a programme that generates public and private partnerships around corporate social responsibility events. These actions increase motivation exponentially, intensify emotions, unleash positive feelings and contribute to making this world a better place.

Among its activities we highlight the team building to reforest a natural area or the refurbishment of homes, such as adapting rooms, creating common spaces and creating study areas. where activities are carried out. such as adapting rooms, fitting out common spaces and creating study areas.

Web: exploramas.com