Freelance company name: the key to self-employment

Freelance company name: the key to self-employment

Are you self-employed and you are not sure what information you should include in your invoices? The first thing you should know is that the company name is an essential element in the invoices of a self-employed person. We clear up all your doubts on this subject!


What is the company name of the self-employed?

The company name of the self-employed includes the name, surname(s) and DNI or NIE of the professional. In the case of companies, this name is the official name that they have registered in the tax registry.

Therefore, if you are going to work on your own without establishing yourself as a company, you cannot use Ana Emprendedora S.A., Juan el Manitas S.L. or any other name you can think of as your company name. At the time of invoicing, only your personal identification will do.

Differences between trade name and company name

We all know McDonald's, the famous American fast food chain, by its trade name. However, few know what its corporate name is. In this case, the answer depends. On what? On the territory in which it is located. For example, in Latin America it is Arcos Dorados and in Spain it is Restaurantes McDonald's S.A.U.

This is a good example of the difference between a company name and a trade name. The former is, in the case of the self-employed, their personal identification (name, surname and DNI or NIE) and the latter, the name under which their business or brand is known.

Inclusion of the company name on the invoices of a freelancer

Grab any bill and look at the top area. There it is. The key that opens all the doors in the world of self-employment: the freelancer's business name. Without it, freelancers would not be able to work because the Tax Agency requires it on invoices to be considered valid.

Be sure to always include your DNI, NIE and name and surname on the invoice, at the top of the document, along with your address or fiscal domicile, and you can start working on your own. and you will be able to start working on your own.

Can a self-employed person change the company name?

The answer is no because, as explained above, the company name of independent professionals is linked to their personal identification.. However, companies are allowed to change their corporate name. However, in case you have your own business and want to make such a change, you will have to follow a specific process to verify the availability of the new name and register the change.


Do you want to develop your career as a freelancer and get paid for your work legally? If so, you should always include the company name of the freelancer on your invoices.

In addition, you will have to be very clear about the difference with the trade name and make sure that the information you include in all official documents is correct. In this way, your invoices will be valid and comply with legal requirements.

One last piece of advice

Domiciliation in a coworking: your strategic solution

One of the most significant advantages of establishing a business address in a coworking space, in Madrid or in any other big city, is that you will be able to use the address on your invoices. This not only provides you with a professional and prestigious address, but will also offer you a series of additional benefits. Take note!

  1. Professional image:

An address in a strategic and recognized location can improve the perception of your business.

  1. Additional services:

Many coworking spaces offer mail and package reception services, which will facilitate the management of your shipments and receptions.

  1. Networking:

By moving into a shared workspace, you will join a community of professionals with whom you can collaborate and establish synergies.

  1. Flexibility:

You don't need a permanent physical space, but you will still have access to meeting rooms and other services when you need them.