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The project Digital Challengers was created with the aim of developing a network of talent and knowledge to drive the digital transformation of professionals and companies. And what better way to do this than to sit down regularly with the most influential professionals, meet them and learn from their experiences?


This is where the DigiTalks are born: in a monthly talk format, we will sit down with the most influential Digital Challengers in the digital ecosystem - those professionals who bring about change and transformation in their organisations - to talk to them so that they can tell us about their vision of the digital landscape, their successes and failures, and so that we can learn from their experiences. José Felix Arranz, Manuel Mercader and José Luis Portela have already talked to us about influencers, e-commerce and interim management, among other topics. Are you going to miss the next DigiTalk?


A special thanks goes to our sponsors, Martinez beers and Malacatin restaurant, who delight us after each DigiTalk with an exquisite aperitif of craft beer and the traditional Spanish dish: tortilla de patatas (potato omelette).


If you want more information about the next DigiTalk, send us an email and we will inform you!

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