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Who is behind The Shed Co?

who we are the shedco

Can you imagine an office where you can feel at home, but without all the distractions of home?

who we are the shedco

Do you feel you need to squeeze more productivity out of your working day, so you have more time to enjoy your other passions?

who we are the shedco

Do you want to work surrounded by professionals who are as passionate about their own business as you are?

who we are the shedco

Would you like to work in a place where you feel special?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this is the coworkingspace for you.

Behind it we are Carlos, Gonzalo, Kepa, Manuel and Martina. Our aim is to accompany you on your professional journey, doing everything possible to make your working days run smoothly, always with a smile and the warmest personal treatment.

Here you will not find an intern to assist you. We, the promoters of this space, are the same people who are there for you and who support you in your day-to-day work. We understand the difficult and at the same time stimulating world of entrepreneurship, and we want to accompany you in your success.

We theshed - Team

Now, we want to be honest. The Shed Co is not for everyone who is looking for a coworkingspace.


If what you want is a coworking space where you are offered every day social events, craft beer and a soundtrack in the bathroom, with the result of having a good time probably at the expense of your productivity, this is not your place. We were born before coworking became an industry, before the advent of real estate and multinationals transformed coworking spaces into impersonal, hyper-luxury offices.

Of course they have their advantages, but we assure you that in these centres you will not be able to go and have a coffee with their founders and promoters, sharing knowledge and concerns.


The Shed Co is not your place either if you are lost with your business and what you want is a miraculous panacea with which to find thousands of clients. We don't have a magic lamp to multiply clients and turnover, but what we can offer you is a professional environment, in a prestigious neighbourhood, where you feel supported and have all the facilities to be more productive.

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Some of our clients

How it all began

We theshed with the beginnings
We theshed with the beginnings

Back in 2012, on a terrace in the traditional Chamberí neighbourhood, we wondered what we could do with a 200 m2 office space we had at our disposal.


Our dear architect Elena Gonzalez Torres (who eventually designed the space) told us about setting up a coworking space . "As what?" we asked in amazement. When she explained this new model of workspace to us, it seemed like a somewhat peregrine idea, but the concept we created in our heads resonated and excited us. That's how, more than 9 years ago, The Shed Coworking was born.


The beginnings were hard, we found it difficult to explain this new concept, too modern at the time for the privileged area in which we settled. In the eyes of our neighbours we were more like a hippie commune with a Nordic style. Even our closest friends doubted that anyone would want to pay to work here.


But we strongly believed in what we were doing. And today we can proudly say that we were one of the first spaces to open (and survive) in Madrid, and that we have created a workspace model where our clients only take care of their business; we take care of everything else.

Our name: The Shed Co

When the "Great Recession" hit the US and Canada, small prefabricatedsheds began to proliferate in the backyards of homes. These sheds were laboratories or offices of professionals who had chosen to turn a problem into an opportunity and used these spaces to mature their projects.


That is why we have not only chosen the booth as one of the essential elements of our image, but we have also acquired one to install in our offices (do you know where?).


The other reason for the name is that shed also means " shedding ", the process of renewing the antlers of one of the most majestic and haughty of animals: the deer. Unlike the antlers of other species, the antlers of deer fall off each year to be replaced by new ones and grow in size and ramifications according to age, diet and social status.


Like deer, we human beings have the capacity to remake ourselves. Personal and professional transformation is a basic necessity in this era of great change. Hence the name and the other essential element of our logo: the skeleton of a deer.

We theshed co
We theshed co

The people behind coworking

TheShedCo Team Gonzalo



With more than 15 years of experience in the corporate world, I have held management positions in multinationals such as Sodexo, Carlisle and SmartBox, mainly in customer acquisition, customer loyalty and sales management.


In 2013 I decided to make a career change to focus all my efforts in a radically different environment.


Founding partner of The Shed Co and responsible for invoicing, contracts and space management. If you have any questions on these topics, I'm your man.

TheShedCo Carlos Team



For 15 years I was in different positions in I.T. departments of large companies, where I managed projects and teams at national and international level.


Tired of not being able to make my own decisions and in the midst of the crisis, I decided to take a turn, start a business and take control of my professional life. The result was The Shed Co, a coworking space where companies have the possibility to realise their dreams.


Founding partner of The Shed Co, one-man band and computer scientist by profession, not by vocation. If you have any questions about IT, don't ask me, I don't remember anything.

Team ThShed Co Martina



With more than 15 years of experience in the design and communication sector, I have developed projects of identity and brand image, creativity, on and offline design, and communication strategies.


Ingenuity, imagination and aesthetic taste are the basis on which I undertake all my projects. And with a made in Italy stamp, which is a guarantee 😉.


Adopted" partner of The Shed Co and responsible for identity and branding issues and internal events that promote our philosophy of enjoy working. All this while trying to bring a bit more... order.

Our partners




Freelance journalist and audiovisual communicator by training. Always in search of creativity and with a shield of optimism. Star author of our blog, he is the one who has captured that fresh style with a touch of humour that reflects our philosophy of enjoy working.




Freelance writer and scriptwriter looking for good stories to tell. She can be found in all formats: articles, podcasts, novels and whatever comes up. All The Shed Co's texts have to pass her filter and she is the one who gives voice to our podcast channel "Mundo Coworking".




Fearless creator of multimedia content. Although he works with big computers, cameras, lenses and many - many - LEDs, he defines himself more as an image craftsman. The Shed Co. shootings are his. Always ready to help with a smile on his face.




A lover of simple cuisine, intense smells and flavours that evoke corners of the world she doesn't know but already adores. That's our Susana, aka Miss Scott, who is in charge of preparing our top breakfasts and snacks, as well as the caterings that our clients hire us for.




Vital, talkative and very empathetic, these are some of the qualities that Paloma applies every day to her work as a lawyer and mediator. She is our right-hand woman when it comes to legal matters, although that is only the tip of the iceberg of her many qualities.




Freelance journalist and writer. Routine is not her thing, so she decided to embark on the adventure of being a writer and tell her experiences as a citizen of the world. Former coworker -who for family work reasons had to move to another country- and author of many articles in our blog.

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