Deer of the Week: Grégoire Bernand - Morphée


Deer of the Week: Grégoire Bernand - Morphée

Morphée is a 100% analogue device (no screen, no wave emission) containing more than 200 audio-guided meditation, sophrology and relaxation sessions to help you fall asleep, sleep better and relax at any time of the day, reducing stress and anxiety levels. All sessions were conducted with sleep, health and wellness professionals.

Morphée is a start-up created by two friends and based in the South of France. The team is mainly made up of family and friends, 10 of whom work in France, one in the UK and Greg, who is in charge of Morphée in Spain.

It is a team that is growing, with great ideas, and always in close proximity to each other.

¿What is the business idea of Morphée's business idea?

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Morphée's business idea is to contribute to the well-being of all its users, notably by improving their sleep habits and reducing stress and anxiety levels through the practice of meditation, sophrology and different relaxation techniques.

Morphée's activity consists of providing solutions that are not only effective and of high quality, but also analogue, natural and simple, so that they are accessible to everyone at any time.

What were the beginnings like, where did it all start, with whom?n?

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Morphée started in 2017 with the meeting of Guillaume Barathon and Charlie Rousset. Charlie came to Aix en Provence for his studies, he was looking for accommodation and Guillaume, a Digital Marketing consultant and Entrepreneur was renting a room in his flat. Quickly, after a few months of sharing the flat, they decided to team up and create a business together.

Guillaume was an insomniac, the practice of meditation helped him to overcome this problem, and Charlie used meditation in the field of sport as he was a tennis coach. They were looking for an analogue solution to help them fall asleep, to enjoy a deep and restful sleep, and this is how the idea of Morphée was born.

In view of the success of the product in France, they decided to develop Morphée in Spanish as reaching Spain was a priority for the company.

Greg and Charlie met at university. The fact that Morphée wanted to expand into Spain and that Greg was already working there as an international development consultant created a great opportunity to start collaborating.

What is the most difficult thing you face in your work?

– – –

The most difficult thing about starting the activity from scratch, in a new country, is to be able to reach everything. You have to be on top of a lot of things (business development, communication and marketing, logistics, network of dream professionals...) but that is what makes the job so interesting.

And the biggest reward?

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One of the best rewards, in addition to many others, is to see how the activity evolves, observing the sales on the website, seeing the Morphée in the shops and even realising by talking to random people that some of them already know the product.

Apart from that, the greatest reward is undoubtedly hearing and reading the very positive feedback we receive every day from Morphée users.

Why did you decide to work in a coworking space?

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Being alone here in Spain with Morphée, working in a coworking seemed to me to be the best option. I consider coworking to be a very good alternative for working in a good, dynamic, professional environment. Moreover, it allows you to meet and even collaborate with people working in various sectors.

The motto of coworking is "Enjoy Working" in your case, how do you enjoy working?

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Simply because I am passionate about what I am doing. Launching a product in a new country and with limited resources means that you end up doing a bit of everything, from adapting the product in Spanish, to commercial development, marketing, communication, logistics, customer service...

¿Do you have a favourite place in The Shed Co?

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As I can't enjoy the terrace to the full because of the Covid, I would say that my favourite place is the balcony of my office, where I take the opportunity to make calls in the open air, for example.

Do you recommendnWould you like to work in a coworking space?

– – –

Of course, working in a coworking space is not only a very flexible option but also allows you to connect with other people and professionals, companies from various sectors, enjoy a good working environment and have everything you need at your disposal.

How do you see yourself in a year's time?o?

– – –

Still working here at The Shed Co, but maybe with new members of Morphée in Spain.