Domiciliation of companies in Madrid

Domiciliation of companies in Madrid

Are you looking for a prestigious location in Madrid to domicile your company? Do you want to have someone to pick up your mail and attend to your clients at any time, even if you are travelling or on holiday? Do you want to give credibility and professionalism to your business?

The best corporate domiciliation service in Madrid for 14,95€/month*.

*For only 14,95€ for the first three months, thereafter for 23€/month

If you answered yes to some of these questions, look no further, at The Shed Coworking we offer you the fiscal management service for companies in Madrid. for only 14,95€ for the first three months and then for 23€/month. What does the service include:



  • Domiciliation fiscal, social and commercial
  • Use of address on print, cards and web
  • Location in the more exclusive of the capital
  • Receipt and management of 30 letters per month*.
  • Reception and management of 3 packages per month*.
  • Immediate notice We have a professional team for urgent or registered mail by email or telephone; for this purpose we have an professional team and efficient team to facilitate the process and to receive and sort mail in an excellent way.
  • Attention of visits by qualified personnel
  • 1h per month of meeting rooms + one 25% discount. on successive room reservations.
  • Logo in our digital directory


  • Presentation in our newsletter (with more than 1000 companies)
  • Support in the expansion of your networking (suppliers and/or customers)

* receipt of more than 30 letters or 3 parcels will incur an additional charge.


In addition, if you need it, we can offer you these EXTRA SERVICES:

  • Forwarding of correspondence according to the current tariff
  • Notice and scanning of ordinary letters. You can hire this extra service if you want to know at all times what you are receiving.
  • Geographic number with forwarding. You have the possibility of having your own landline number, with forwarding to the phone number you specify.


Advantages of domiciling your company with The Shed Co.













 *35% discount for the first three months, after that 23€/month


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    These are the opinions from some of our customers:

    We needed a registered office that was not a partner's house in order to comply with the RGPD / LOPD and where we could receive official correspondence. We chose you because it suited our budget and needs. We are delighted with the service and when we need it we will continue to book space for our meetings.

    - Madrid, Citizenship and Heritage


    The reason for my domiciliation is the guarantee of having a place where I can go to work without problems when I need to, even if it is not day to day, to hold meetings with clients in meeting rooms with a good atmosphere and resources, and the guarantee of being able to receive business mail there. I chose you because of the ease of networking you provide and the confidence you transmit.

    - Marta Garrido Gamero



    Are you still hesitating about having your company registered with us? Download our free e-book and discover all the benefits of direct debit and the virtual office.

    Doubts about our company domiciliation service in Madrid?


    Company domiciliation offers a wide range of benefits:

    • Take the professionalism of your business up a notch. Having your business address in a good neighbourhood, or in an important business area, exponentially improves your professional image, giving a sense of solidity and confidence to your customers.
    • It doesn't tie you to a single location. You can access your business anytime, anywhere, as long as you have the right devices. This flexibility allows you to control your business without compromising your free time.
    • You don't have to spend time travelling. These two virtual services allow your business to be where you are and not where your office is. That will give you time to do other tasks, so you will be more productive.
    • Saving money. The costs of contracting a domiciliation are much lower than renting a traditional office or even a coworking space.

    What services are included?

    The domiciliation of companies includes the following services:

    • Fiscal, social and commercial domiciliation
    • Use of address on printed matter, cards and the web
    • Location in exclusive or prestigious neighborhoods
    • Reception and handling of correspondence and parcels
    • Immediate notification of express or registered mail by email or telephone
    • Visitor care by qualified staff
    • 1h of meeting rooms per month and 25% discount on subsequent room reservations.
    • Logo in physical directories

    Complementary services could include:

    • Notice and scanning of ordinary letters
    • Geographic number with deviation
    • Mail forwarding

    Who is the company domiciliation service recommended for?

    The direct debit service is becoming increasingly popular among entrepreneurs. It is perfect for:

    • Entrepreneurs or freelancers. Many work from home and thus avoid exposing their personal address and give a more polished and professional image.
    • Start-ups and SMEs. Many companies started in the garage at home: Apple, Microsoft or Disney, but... if they had the opportunity to hire a virtual office for less than a coffee a day, do you think they wouldn't do it?
    • Multinationals. These companies sometimes do not need a physical office in every country, but simply a branch office, and what better option, in this case, than at a prestigious address?
    • E-commerce. More and more businesses are embarking on the adventure of opening an e-commerce store, and one of the best solutions would be to have an address in a place the consumer trusts.
    • And that's not all. It is also ideal for companies that are entering new sectors, looking to simplify internal administration or simply for companies that need to have a digital presence.

    What are the steps to follow to contract the service?

    Very easy:

    • Choose the direct debit service that best suits your needs and the extra services you are interested in adding.
    • Choose the type of payment (transfer, stripe, direct debit) and the frequency (monthly or yearly).
    • Leave us your details and attach the corresponding documentation according to your case (self-employed or company).
    • Fill in and sign the contract
    • Pay the invoice we send you once the contract has been signed.
    • Start enjoying the service!

    What information and documentation do I have to provide in order to domicile my business or company?

    For the self-employed:

    • Your details: name and surname
    • Photocopy of your DNI / NIE (identity card number)
    • Contact telephone number and e-mail for notifications
    • Photocopy of the IAE (form 036 / 037)
    • Fiscal address

    For companies:

    • Details of the company's attorney-in-fact: name and surname
    • Photocopy of DNI / NIE of the proxy
    • Contact telephone number and e-mail for notifications
    • Company details: name and VAT number
    • Photocopy of the articles of incorporation or power of attorney
    • Fiscal address of the company

    Can I sign up for the service if I am not yet registered?

    Of course. In this case the procedure is as follows:

    • Choose the direct debit service that best suits your needs and the extra services you are interested in adding.
    • Choose the type of payment (transfer, stripe, direct debit) and the frequency (monthly or yearly).
    • Leave us your details and those of the company (name and address) so that we can issue a proforma invoice.
    • Pay the proforma invoice and start enjoying the service while you make the registration formalities.
    • When you have all the data, let us know so that we can fill in and sign the contract and issue the invoice.
    • And that's it!


    How many times have we heard that a successful company started in the garage of its home? But that doesn't mean that the entrepreneur couldn't have based his new company in a more representative location.

    If you are a professional who works at home in a residential neighbourhood on the outskirts of Madrid, I don't think you want to receive your clients in the dining room of your home and have to travel from the city centre to the outskirts. Not to mention the fact that the client has had to travel to Madrid beforehand, either by taking the AVE high-speed train from Barcelona, Valencia or another city, or by plane from a European city.

    That is why there are places where you can have your business address and even meeting rooms so that you have a place where you can receive your clients when you need it, and a representative and comfortable location for them when it is time to hold a meeting.

    I remember that two years ago I worked for an English group where we applied for a tender and, only if we won the contract, the company was created in Spain. At that time I worked at home and flew every month to London or Manchester working in their offices, and when they came here, we went from hotel reception to hotel reception... from my point of view, not very operative or comfortable.

    At that time coworking centres and meeting rooms were still a rare commodity here in Spain, the closest thing was a hotel room or a business centre at an exorbitant price and this, given that we were in the early days and didn't want to spend too much on physical resources, led us to work in the reception of hotels.

    Nowadays I could contract the direct debit of companies in Madrid for 14,95€/month for the first three months and I could have my mail domiciled in Hermosilla street 48. Yes, it is that easy and cheap: I could, for much less money than I spend in a gym, have a real and representative office.

    For 14,95€ per month, open your office in the emblematic Salamanca neighborhood. Have your company domiciled in one of the most prestigious areas of Madrid.

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