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Private coworking office in Madrid

If you are one of those who work better having your own private space, but you want to enjoy all the advantages that coworking offers, we have what you are looking for. At The Shed Co we offer offices of different square metres, which will adapt perfectly to your needs.


Forget about all the extra arrangements and payments that renting a private office entails, here you have everything included in the price!

If you are looking for:

Focus from day one on your business, forgetting about the extra work that an office entails.

Having an office in the most emblematic neighborhood of the capital.Rent your coworking office in the heart of Madrid!

Working in a space privateand surrounded by a dynamic and dynamic and stimulating

Having flexibility when expanding or changing your workforce

Then you are in the right place


Ask us for more information about all the offices we have available.

Coworking offices for rent in the Salamanca neighborhood


Known as "the little Paris", this neighbourhood owes its name to the Marquis of Salamanca, the promoter of its construction. His idea was to create an aristocratic neighbourhood that would follow the new architectural styles of the main European capitals in the 19th century. The result was a neighbourhood with distinguished palaces and large houses, tall windows, spacious interior courtyards and old carriage entrances.


Nowadays, the Salamanca neighbourhood is one of the most popular and coveted in Madrid: due to its location, it boasts the most expensive properties and some of the most emblematic palaces in the city. It is also home to the famous Golden Mile, with the capital's most exclusive shops, haute cuisine restaurants and luxury hotels.

Coworking office for rent

Renting an office at The Shed Co is not just about having a place to work. The service includes much more: company domiciliation, access to meeting rooms, virtual office, common areas... Take a look at all the advantages.

"Private space with 24/7 access

As if you were at home, you can come and go as you please.

"All-inclusive, without any additional costs

A price without surprises. Everything is included in the price: electricity, gas, water, daily cleaning, internet, heating, ...

"Domiciliation and receipt of mail

Improve your image with a prestigious address and forget about interruptions due to the reception of letters and parcels. Our reception will take care of it.


We have an application-based access control and security alarm system (with a personalised code for each client).


The name of your company in our physical directory (located at the entrance of the building) and, if you want, you have the possibility to put your logo in our digital directory.

"Professional printing service

The price of your private office includes 50 black and white copies or prints per month. And the other copies you need, at a cheaper price than a copy shop.

"Meeting rooms

You have 8h per month of meeting rooms (Sala Corzo and Sala Reno) and a 25% discount on other bookings, once you have more than 8h.

"Use of common areas

Apart from your office, you can use all our relaxation areas, such as the Rebeco kitchen or the Yosemite patio. You also have the possibility of working in flexible coworking areas, should you ever want to change your environment and be in contact with other professionals.

"Online presence on our platform

We offer you the possibility of appearing on our website, an online platform with an average of 11,000 visits per month. In addition, if you are interested, we can do a "deer of the week" interview with you, which we publish on our blog and promote on social networks, to give visibility to your project.

"Participation in our events

We organise monthly events for our community to interact in a fun and relaxed way: breakfasts and snacks where you can meet other professionals while enjoying quality catering, prizes and surprises at each event. You won't want to miss them!

Looking for a private office for your team?



Private office open space

– – –

Private office located in Francisco Silvela Street. Ask for prices and availability.


Independent open space, with full and exclusive use. Equipped with its own bathrooms, kitchen, meeting room and private terrace.


200 useful square meters


Up to 66 people


"24/7 access

"Meeting room, terrace and kitchen


"High-speed Internet

"Air conditioning and heating

"Domiciliation and receipt of mail

"Electricity, water, gas and daily cleaning expenses.

"Security: access control and alarm with customized code

"Online presence on our website

Are you looking for an office rental by the hour?


Take a look at our meeting rooms

Need help?

Check out the frequently asked questions we often receive, you may find the answer you are looking for.

Do I have to pay a deposit, is there a period of stay?

None of our fees require you to pay a deposit, so you don't have to pay any extra money up front. Also, no matter what day you want to start, we activate the payment from that moment, you don't have to pay for the whole month if you start later.

What we do have is a at least one month'snotice in case you want to leave the space. That is to say, from the moment you give us notice, you have to pay the following 30 days in any of our rates.

The duration of the stay in private offices is minimum 6 months.

Is there natural light?

Yes, all our spaces have natural lightsome overlooking Hermosilla street, others overlooking the inner courtyard of the building. The benefits of natural light in our lives are more than backed by many scientific studies, which report, among other things, greater well-being, better night's rest, more physical activity and, of course, better work performance.

What are the coworking hours?

Private offices have a 24/7The private offices are open from Monday to Sunday, i.e. from Monday to Sunday, uninterrupted, while our opening hours for visits to the space, reception of correspondence and support of any kind are from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 6pm.

What security system does the space have?

In our coworking we have a double security control to access the different spaces.

On the one hand, all our installations are protected by an alarm system alarm system guaranteed by Securitas Direct and Prosegur. Each company or professional with a contract for a fixed post or office (24/7 rates) has a unique and personal code for access outside our opening hours.

On the other hand, we have installed a automatic door system application, with user registration via e-mail. In this way, no one who is not previously registered can access the facilities.

What if my business grows and I need more space?

In a coworking space the possibilities for growth are easier, as this type of space offers you many different options: if at any given moment you grow, or vice versa, you reduce your staff, we can most likely offer you another solution that is better adapted to your needs. And all of this in a simple, fast way, without wasting precious time. for the business.

What kind of companies are in The Shed Co?

Our ecosystem is very varied. At The Shed Co we are eclectic, we like to go for variety of spaces, projects and, above all, people. Because the best ideas are born from the contribution and collaboration between different profiles. Tell us what you do, we are sure we can introduce you to interesting professionals who can contribute to your business.

We also firmly believe that you attract what you transmit. Our main interest is in excellent service We have been able to see over the years that those who come and stay in the space are people who are in tune with our way of being, building the foundations for a strong, warm and close community.

Is there a kitchen and/or refrigerator? Is there a cafeteria and/or restaurant?

We have a kitchen equipped with a fridge, microwave, Nespresso coffee machine and kettle, located on the 1st floor on the right. Given the exceptional circumstances that we are experiencing in recent times as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have implemented special security measures for this area. special security measures for this area. If you want to know more, follow this link.

On the other hand, our location offers a wide variety of quality cafés and restaurants and for all budgets. By following this link You can see some suggestions, but we have many more, ask us!

Are there common rules to follow and which ones?

In our coworking there are no strict rules, but we do appeal to common sense for the proper functioning of the space and of the community. How? With "The 12 tests of a deer"A humorous manual of rules for the use of the space so that you can become a hero of our coworking. If you are curious, you can download the manual by clicking on the following button.

In addition, given the special circumstances we are experiencing in recent times due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have implemented special measures to ensure the safety and well-being of our members. extraordinary measures to guarantee the safety and well-being of our members. If you want to know more, here is the link.

TheShedCo Team Gonzalo

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