Deer of the week: Matt Langan

Deer of the week: Matt Langan content marketing

Deer of the week: Matt Langan

Since 2008 Matt is the CEO and founder of L&R Communications, a content marketing firm that helps companies selling to the government to creatively connect with customers and prospects.


Matt’s role is to lead the growth and development of the business, as well as to manage client relationships. The company has a team of people who consist of writers that help develop content – often in the form of blog posts, white papers, bylined articles and press releases – and media relation specialists.

How do you define your business idea?

We develop content marketing and public relations (PR) campaigns that aim to help clients expand brand awarness and increase sales. We put a lot of emphasis on lead generation.

Our legacy business was in traditional PR, but we have expanded into the content marketing arena where we host branded news sites for clients who are primarily selling technology to the U.S. government.

We also tie in sales and marketing automation software (i.e., HubSpot) into the sites that we manage for clients. This allows us to tell what prospects came to the site and what they read. This is the holy grail of information for helping expand sales for clients.

With content marketing being a “hot” thing right now, we have experienced tremendous growth over the past three to four years. This growth trajectory is continuing today.

Why did you decide to work in a Coworking Space?

Thanks to technology, the world is essentially flat and it does not matter where you are located. Although our business is based in Washington D.C., we push the boundaries by splitting our time (my founding partner and I) between Spain and the U.S. Of course, our core operations and client-facing efforts happen in the Washington, D.C. area.

When in Spain, we wanted a workspace that was highly collaborative and community-focused. We like the entrepenuer “vibe» of a co-working space and the energy that comes from being in one space with such creative people.

What do you get from The Shed Co?

There are many positives about working out of The Shed Co. First, we get to network with many international companies and business people. It also allows us to feel more connected to a Spanish community.

Second, since we rent a separate office in the The Shed Co, we have the flexibility of working in a quiet environment, which is ideal for creating content. Though we also can work on the first floor in the shared area where we have made a great number of new friends and colleagues.

Also, The Shed Co hosted an outstanding holiday party complete with great food and wine! It’s the must-go-to event each year.

The Shed Co claim’s “enjoy working”. In your case, how do you enjoy working?

Being from America and not being able to speak the Spanish language very well, I was immediately greeted with such a friendly and familial atmosphere. I have made many friends, have been introduced to a Spanish tutor and am never short of a companion to have coffee with in the afternoons. Working from The Shed Co has been a critical component in my personal and professional enjoyment to being in Spain.

Have you gain any success in this coworking?

We definitely have gained success. First due to the office environment and time difference between the U.S. and Spain, I have been able to be more productive – and take on more client business – than we would have been working out of the states. We essentially have 5-6 hours before the U.S. wakes up to create content, which is like being given the gift of time.

L&R Communications has also been able easily visit clients that have offices in the EU as well as attend conferences in Europe to learn about the lates innovations in our field. Thanks to The Shed Co, we have been able to essentially make L&R Communications a global business, which is very exciting.

What is your favorite place in The Shed Co?

I would say that pretty much every aspect of working at The Shed Co is my favorite. From working in the outside courtyard – and conversing with my amigo Manuel – to netwoking in the shared space, there are many great aspects of working here.

In addition, I consider the restaurant next to the building (Aromas) to be a part of The Shed Co. Many of the other workers frequent the establishment, the owners are some of the nicest people in Spain, and their tortilla de patata is the best in the entire country!

Whom do you recommend the coworking as a working space?

Any entrepenuer looking for creative energy as well as small U.S. businesses that split their time between the U.S. and Europe.

Where do you see yourself in one year?

That is a good question. Still at The Shed for sure! And hopefully L&R Communications will continue on its path of smart growth.